Planning process that moves from one location to another, both within and outside the country, can be a very tiring experience, especially if you already have the extra pressure of having to deal with the contract of a new home, new job or document.

As a professional mover, Central Movers And Storage Sdn Bhd can make your moving experience enjoyable and takes more than pressure from your mobile. Each task is designed and pains taking packed household goods to meet the expectations of our customers.

We offer two types of moves:
(1) Household move- complete packaging and stripping services for individuals engaged in the peninsular and east Malaysia.
(2) International moving- full packing and removal services for individuals moving to and from Malaysia.


The services propose the long term or short transit. The cost is measured both in floor space, the volume, and the weight of the package or container or storage and monthly basis.

1. Storage long / short term.
2. Support for a period of storage of goods not specified.
3. Transit storage.

It is part of an international movement that occurred before or after delivery.


Relocating a business is a huge logistical operation to a large number of requirements that must be considered. Good forward planning with expert advice from a professional relocation will ensure a smooth and effective transition to a new policy or operations, with minimum disruption to the workflow of the organization.

Central Movers ensure close coordination and communication with the customer from the initial pre- planning for mobile solutions, thus helping to minimize the possibility of delay, damage or wrong item.


Proper packing is critically important. You want boxes especially made to do the job right. Careful attention now will pay off later, when your treasured belongings come out of the moving truck in just as good condition as when they went in.

Our moving packing materials were designed to protect your goods and let you move them safely, economically and conveniently. What's more, our stuffs are specifically design to make stacking and tiering easier.